What is Planbye

The goal of PlanBye platform is to help you organise your life, legacy and important documents better. Share your last wishes, prepare a will, automate sharing of documents and much more in
case something happens to you.

How Planbye Helps You and Your Loved Ones

Planbye helps you to protect, plan and prepare if in case something unexpectedly happens to you. Make your loved ones aware of your important documents and assets information by using digital legacy platform.

Planbye helps you to protect important document like personal documents, finance documents, insurance papers, medical records, family documents, pets' information and many more.Plan your last messages for loved ones, whether it be a letter or a video. Let your family know about your funeral arrangements whether be buried or cremated.

About Planbye

Death is a reality of life. While we know we cannot escape it, we avoid talking about it. The topic is dismissed as morbid or uncomfortable, relegated to times when someone is literally on their death bed, or very old. I personally wanted an easy and extremely secure place where I could upload, update and store documents and other important details that wanted to share after my death. That’s why PlanBye was born. From conception to now, the platform has evolved to include many aspects of end of life planning, and action points post death. Planbye is in action in your life, death and beyond.


Your information is fully encrypted for security, and is stored in the world’s most secured data centre.


An extremely humanized platform for easy access to even non-tech savvy users, available on multiple mediums.


Solves problems of the future for your family and loved ones. Share with one custodian or more, now or after demise.


"Protect" your family by giving them access to all the important documents and information after your passing.


"Plan" and activate your end-of-life planning by addressing last wishes, funeral planning, DNRs, organ donation and more


"Prepare" a will in easy steps. No lawyer or consultation required. Make any changes whenever you like.

Our Pricing

Please use the product for free while it is in beta mode.
We will be introducing pricing after we incorporate suggestions
from the users and complete the beta.
We will appreciate your feedback, suggestions and bugs if any.
You can write to us at hello@planbye.com

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it is shared with deserving family members and dependents in case something happens to you.

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